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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Upcycled Newborn Headband into an Embellishment

I had mentioned in my first blog entry that we did not find out our baby girl's gender during our pregnancy. As a result, and because I am not overly find of pink, I had a ton of neutral clothes. This didn't bother me at all, but I decided it might be fun to "dress up" a few shirts.

For this simple project, I used an outgrown newborn headband. I especially like this upcycle, because you can only use those adorable newborn things for a short while, and this gives them new life. Instead of a lap-tee, you can easily use a onesie as well.

Since I completed this project before I had a blog, I have limited pictures, but it is super easy. 

Dig out an old headband.

Cut open an end and stretch along the neckline of a shirt. I used a 6 month lap t-shirt and had to cut some length off of my headband. Using a close or exact matching thread, sew along your band, using the neckline as a guide. I just sewed right through the middle, all the way to the end and tucked the ends under my lap-tee folds.

All done!

Here it is in action:

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