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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Turning Baby Boy Clothes into Baby Girl Clothes

My son and daughter are only 22 months apart in age, and as a result, I have a ton of really nice baby clothes that many would call "boyish".  I tend to think anything is gender neutral (sports themes, vehicles, etc.), but many don't, and prefer more traditional colors or graphics for girls.  With that in mind, I wanted to show how you can easily turn a plain, "boyish" shirt into a fun, modern "girly" shirt.

Here is what I started with: navy blue, white and neon green. 

I rummaged through my fleece scraps bin until I found one in complimentary colors.

I then cut hearts out of the fabric by folding it in half and cutting out a half-heart shape.  I trimmed them up to my liking.  I did not go for uniformity here.  I prefer a less-mechanical feel to my embellishments.

Next, I pinned them to the shirt in a pattern I liked.

Then, I threaded my machine with complimentary thread and sewed the hearts on.  You could easily hand-sew these or use iron on adhesive or fabric glue instead.  If you do sew them via machine, this tutorial helped me enormously!

Close-up.  You could go back over these with contrasting embroidery floss and create cute borders, or sew buttons in center, and I still may, but kept it simple here. 

Here's my happy baby girl, modeling her "fancy" new shirt!

This re-design, cost me nothing, and took 20 minutes to complete.  I am working on a design to "girly-up" a vehicle-themed shirt, and if it works out, look for it on the blog soon.  This is such a simple way to save money on buying a bunch of new clothes!

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