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Friday, May 30, 2014

Converting long-sleeve shirts into short-sleeve shirts

My son is growing so quickly that it's hard to keep up! I find myself constantly going through his clothes and picking out things he's too tall for, or shirts that are too short. Sometimes, though, I come across shirts that still fit great, but are long-sleeve. I know that I've got 2 options—throw in the donate pile, or convert them into short-sleeve shirts. They definitely won't fit him by winter.

Being a thrifty mom, I decided to convert them. Here's how I did it (if you don't have a sewing machine, look into hemming tape, which you can find in any fabric store):

Place a short sleeve shirt over the long-sleeve shirt.

Cut the long sleeve shirt about an inch and a half past the short sleeve shirt.

Fold the shirt in half and line up the cut sleeve with the uncut sleeve. Cut.

Turn the shirt inside out and fold the cut sleeve over to your desired length. I did about an inch or a bit over or so. Also, these are jersey t-shirts, so one fold is adequate, since it doesn't fray. If it were cotton, I'd have folded 1/4 inch, ironed, then folded 3/4 inch, ironed, and sewed.

3 shirts, all ready to go!

Sew around the sleeve. Turn right-side-out, iron to set your stitches.

All done! Long-sleeve shirts now have use throughout the summer. Money saved! 

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